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Discover yourself, offer your gifts, and create your ideal life

Heal your past, live in the present, so that you can offer the world your unique gifts.

How do we get started?

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Therapy Right Fit
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For over 16 years I've been walking on my own journey of personal growth. It's been the most rewarding choice I've made in life, and it's lead me to the work of helping others down their path of personal growth. My focus is to help you shape your life to match the vision of what you've wanted your life to become.

Fit Therapy

Is therapy right for you?

Do you feel stuck in life? Do you experience a feeling of dissatisfaction or frustration with your life as you are living it? Do you find yourself running away from problems, rather than welcoming them as a challenge for growth?


You aren't alone. Feeling dissatisfaction is part of the human experience, and it sometimes can be a reminder for us to grow in life. Our emotions can let us know when we need to tend to something.


When we feel stagnant, that discontent with our life situation can help us to create movement. Instead of running from feelings, it's possible to spend time validating them, and look for the intelligence in what they communicate. 


Therapy is about helping you on that path of self-discovery, and building a mindful relationship with your emotions.

What is therapy like?

Therapy is a collaborative experience between the client and therapist, which supports the client in exploring different aspects of their emotional, relational, spiritual, and psychological world.

When a client begins therapy, we may start by having a discussion of what brings the client to therapy. Maybe you want to create change in your life, but you are unsure how or what it might look like to change.

Change starts as we begin to know and build a deeper relationship with ourselves. Emotional struggles such as, anger management, pervasive sadness, and having trouble emotionally regulating can sometimes tell us something is unresolved in our life. Part of the therapy experience is to create an environment which promotes curiosity and safety to explore knowing our self better.

In therapy, we learn how to reconnect with parts of our experience that feel foreign. It is also a place to practice what connection means to us, and learn how we can reconnect with the self.


how can I make lasting change?

While the idea of change in our lives can sometimes seem like a scary proposition, it is important to see that change is woven into the fabric of being alive. We simply cannot live without changing and evolving as a person. Resistance to change is one of the primary ways we hold ourselves back from moving forward.


You deserve the best and for you to grow into the best version of who you are, you might want to consider embracing change.

How much are you holding back from experiencing your change and the new self you will become? How do you "shake hands with," and begin the process of getting to know your new self?

This process begins with taking one step on your new journey. One step after another, you create movement in life. As we get more consistent with our steps and little movements, change happens. You begin to build a friendship with who you are becoming.


“Before I started working with Chris, I was in a pretty bad head space. I was stuck in a "I'll be happy when __" mindset. This mindset was causing me to work too much and not make fun a priority. I felt like I wasn't enjoying my life which was causing all sorts of destructive thought patterns. Chris helped me to understand what I really valued so I could make my true values a larger priority. One of which was socializing and being a part of a community. To others, this might seem obvious, but for me it was a revelation. Chris was always supportive and offered thoughtful feedback. I would recommend working with Chris."

- Client

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