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  • Where is your office located?
    My physical office is located at 1650 18th Street, Boulder, CO 80301 at the Boulder Healing Hub. I also work online through a telehealth office, and as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic I am currently only seeing clients at my telehealth office.
  • What are your working hours?
    I do the best I can to work with my clients busy schedules. The best way to find out my available appointment times is to call me or reach out via email and we can have a conversation about it.
  • How long are your sessions and how much do they cost?
    I offer a 50 minute psychotherapy session for $100 per session. Sometimes the sessions will run a little bit longer than 50 minutes, so plan to be there for potentially 55 minutes.
  • Do you take insurance.
    Nope! Insurance companies have set up a system that requires mental health diagnoses, a finite number of sessions, and barriers to reimbursement. I’ve found that I can show up for my clients in more helpful ways when I’m focused on our work and not trying to get reimbursement through an insurance company. If your insurance provides out-of-network coverage, I am happy to provide you with a superbill for reimbursement.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    I have a 24-hour cancellation policy, and I charge the full fee for late cancellations unless they are due to medical emergency or inclement weather.
  • How often should we book sessions?
    As often as you’d like! I find that weekly sessions make for the most effective therapy, but I am open to tailoring the frequency of our work to your personal needs.
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