A contemplative approach
Here is a brief statement of my  viewpoint on health.

Contemplative Psychotherapy 


"An approach to psychotherapy, which blends principles of contemplative or mindfulness practice with western psychology."


The foundation of therapy builds on deepening the a person's connection with their basic goodness or inherent self worth.


This is done by helping the each person create awareness of the intuitive intelligence within their mind and body, while highlighting how the creation of mental distortions and habitual patterns tend to obscure this natural intelligence.


These patterns and distortions of thought cover up the open, clear, and compassionate qualities of mind, which are declarations of mental health.


Therapy is also about helping the each one of us develop practices for cultivating mindful awareness in and out of therapy sessions.


As a practitioner, part of my job is to develop my own mindful awareness practice to develop a good understanding of countertransferences that can occur in the therapeutic relationship.


"Working with our own experience is an essential part of life." 


Development of mindful awareness also extends to the direct felt sense of emotion in the body, by which the practice allows for greater facility working with difficult emotions.