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What are Men's groups?

A men's group is a place for men to gather and share their personal experiences with others. It's a safe place to share about struggles and success, to celebrate the wins and even ask for help. A men's group is a place where you might take a risk being seen in your vulnerability, and also have other people reflect back to you your strengths. We might also brush up on listening skills, have conversations about what makes for good communication, or practice being present right here and now! 


Understand and discover Strength

As people, I believe that we are fundamentally whole, complete, strong, vulnerable, compassionate, and in possession of unique personal gifts that we can share with the world while we are alive.


 If you are anything like me, it might be really difficult to acknowledge the places you excel in life. It's not uncommon for people to focus more on places that "need improvement" instead of what is really working well.

A men's group is a place to help balance that perspective, by having the courage to been seen by others in the group. Everyone in the group is encouraged to talk about the strengths we see in other group members.


In a group setting we are asked to share parts of ourselves with the other people participating, and if we feel comfortable in doing so, also ask for feedback, "What do you see in me?" Maybe we would like to share how we feel in the present moment or talking about a struggle at work that perplexes us. Through sharing experience with the group, each member will get to know each other a little more. Sharing in this way is a practice of vulnerability, which is (in my humble opinion) a practice of strength. Members are never asked to share more than they feel comfortable sharing, but it is likely members will get a nudge to explore what it means to be at their "growing edge."


After someone shares, they might also be open to feedback on what they've shared. Feedback in these groups is a kind and honest reflection of how someone experiences us. In my opinion, this kind of feedback is very helpful for anyone who wishes to have a deeper self-understanding. When it is difficult to see the places in which we excel or the gifts we have to offer, sometimes the people around us can show us the things we can't see in ourselves.


Working with Your emotional experience is an essential part of all relationships.

Historically (and sadly), in American culture men mostly get this message about their feelings, "Suck it up and move on." There is also the more modern emotional trope, "Fuck your feelings." Whether you believe in either of these sayings, there is no doubt... you still have feelings.


Ignoring feelings doesn't mean they aren't having an impact on you and likely influencing your actions in the world. Emotions often play a very important role in the choices we make every day. Want to have more influence on the choices you make?


Explore and bring awareness to your emotional world. These groups are a safe space for men to explore and talk about what they are feeling, and to practice navigating the emotional terrain. 

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