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Personal coaching

Do you find yourself asking the question, "where do I want my life to be in the next 5 years?" Are there goals you have set for yourself, but when you start the work to get there you feel stuck?


Coaching is a collaborative method of working with short and long term goals in order to achieve them. People often come to me saying, "I feel stuck in life" and part of what coaching can do is create movement in that stuck place.


Coaching is also a practice of helping you optimize aspects of living, such as dialing in sleep habits so you feel energized and empowered to meet the challenges of the next day. When mindfully preparing the conditions of our lives, we create the circumstances in which we are likely to thrive. When we begin to thrive in these optimal circumstances, then there is often a natural build up of energy and movement. As we feel energized we are more likely to feel ready to take on the work of achieving our goals. The opposite is also true, if we feel drained by our circumstances how likely is it that we will strive for more?

By building tools to help us work with our motivation, concentration, and focus, it's possible to focus that energy toward creating the life we most want to live. One reason it's so hard to reach goals is because the modern world is full of distractions! Companies have designed technology to constantly bombard us with alerts, simply because they make money off our engagement with devices. The computer is an endless source of information to browse and people companies have a financial interested in keeping your attention.


I'm going to help you train your mind to keep your attention where it is needed. We are going to train your ability to let go of impulsive urges for immediate gratification, and focus on the delay benefit of taking actions to meet your most important goals.

Building your ideal life is like building a solid foundation for a new home. Aspects of life such as, sleep, movement, relationships, and creating meaning in your workplace all contribute to the frame of the house. If the foundation is strong you can build the house anyway you like! In contrast, if a foundation has a weak point, then you might be limited by having to build the house around compensating for that weak point.

In coaching there a many different goals we can set out to achieve, but the most import part of goals is creating some movement toward them. Each goal in life is reached through a series of steps, period. When we take one small step toward our goal/destination, then we are creating the life we want. Focusing on each step, focused on the present moment, you can make the journey. And... you don't have to do it alone, I'm here to help.

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