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Upcoming events


Beginning in the first week of  February 2020 for 8 consecutive weeks. 
Meetings will be in the evening and run for 2 hours. 

Groups will be held outside around a warm fire, in a kiva setting, and at a home in north Boulder, CO.


The group is an 8-week commitment and the price for all 8 groups is $280 or $250 with an early bird discount for full payment by February 1st.

Community - Connection - Relationships - Support 

I lead that foster self discovery

This group is intended for men to help make sense of how we —both as individuals and as a community— move forward on our own personal path of growth. Moving forward while not just "getting by," but thriving through the cultivation of our highest and individualized gifts. 

Our gifts, whether they be strength, courage, wisdom, or being a great father, are often discovered as we let ourselves be seen and witnessed by people around us; by our community. 


I lead relational groups

In these groups members participate by sharing their daily life experience and speaking with each other about what is most alive  building connection through offering support to group members.

We might also explore topics such as, the art of listening, working to get/understand the important people in our lives (even if we don’t agree), seeing our blindspots, and reflecting/developing an understanding of our (and others') deepest gifts.

If you feel inspired to learn more about these groups, sign up for my mailing list below. You will only receive notification of new articles I write, news relevant to my work, and notifications of new events before they begin. The mailing list is a great way to stay up to date and get notified early in the forming of new groups, so you can reserve your spot. Fill out the short form below to be added to my mailing list or directly email me and I can add you. If you want to reserve a spot in an upcoming group, email me directly at


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